Amateur Game Jam [Sign-Up “OPEN”]   Recently updated !

     Our Amateur Game Jam will be hosted on Saturday, 10/22 at 5:00 p.m. in DUE 1116 (Engineering Complex, Kansas State University Campus) and will continue for 24 hours from there. We’ll be providing food during the duration of the event. Any participants or mentors can sign up here, so feel free to invite your friends, but make sure that they sign up. Here’s a more specific run down of the event:
     Team Size: 1. This is an individual event so you will be making your own game. Unlike a competition, however, you are free to socialize and share as much as you like during the competition.
     Participants: You will be making a game, there’s no restriction from what you can use, but Scratch and Unity are two good places to start if you’re unsure.
     Mentors: Signing up as a mentor means that you will not be competing, but instead you’ll be helping competitors develop their games, answer any development questions they have, or even help them design their game if they are stuck.
     Room:You are free to come and go as you please during the 24 hour period. Remember that to use the lab computers you’ll need a CS account to log in and you’re university account will not work. If anyone needs a CS they’ll have to register for one here and give it enough time to process (usually 24 hours).

2016 Second Annual Game Jam Winners

The Second Annual Game Jam has drawn to a close, with many excellent entries tackling this year’s challenging theme of diabetes.  Sixty-one students competed and fifteen teams made a final submission, which can be found on our jam page, here:

The winners this year were:

Best Artwork  Team Antibodies, for Too Close, Gluclose!

Best Audio  Team Nobody, for Burger Blaster

Best Gameplay Team Edward, for Bearing with Diabetes

Best Narrative Team Somebody, for Crunch Crunch: the Game

Best Use of Theme Team Somebody, for Crunch Crunch: the Game

Best Overall Team Edward, for Bearing with Diabetes


Game Jam Results

Sixty-one aspiring game developers met and developed original game designs around the theme of “Securing the Future” at K-State’s first Annual Game Jam, hosted by the Department of Computing and Information Sciences and K-state student organizations The Game Development Club, the ACM, the Games Club, and the Board Games Club. Students worked in teams of 1-4 for 48 hours, partaking in catered meals and occasionally crashing in the “quiet” room on comfortable camping mattresses provided by the Boy Scouts of America. The participants created twenty-one games that were judged in multiple categories.

The Winners

Best Gameplay: Etonar, for their game “Tread Lightly”

Best Use of Theme: Manapoole, for their game “Securing the Future”

Best Use of Art: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Best Use of Sound & Music: P4 Gaming, for their Game “CyberMills”

Best Use of Story: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Best Overall: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Crowd Favorite: Potato Gaming, for their game “Security Breach”

All winners received, as a team trophy, a golden, 3d-printed model of Andersen Hall’s spire. In addition, each team member received a “poofball” trophy. The members of the Best Overall and Crowd favorite were additionally awarded Unity Pro Team licenses – a $2,000 software license donated by the Game Jam’s underwriters, Unity3D.

First Annual Game Jam is Underway!

Time To Judging & Showcase (Open to the public!):

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