2016 Second Annual Game Jam Winners

The Second Annual Game Jam has drawn to a close, with many excellent entries tackling this year’s challenging theme of diabetes.  Sixty-one students competed and fifteen teams made a final submission, which can be found on our Itch.io jam page, here: http://itch.io/jam/ksu-second-annual-game-jam/entries.

The winners this year were:

Best Artwork  Team Antibodies, for Too Close, Gluclose!

Best Audio  Team Nobody, for Burger Blaster

Best Gameplay Team Edward, for Bearing with Diabetes

Best Narrative Team Somebody, for Crunch Crunch: the Game

Best Use of Theme Team Somebody, for Crunch Crunch: the Game

Best Overall Team Edward, for Bearing with Diabetes


Game Jam Results

Sixty-one aspiring game developers met and developed original game designs around the theme of “Securing the Future” at K-State’s first Annual Game Jam, hosted by the Department of Computing and Information Sciences and K-state student organizations The Game Development Club, the ACM, the Games Club, and the Board Games Club. Students worked in teams of 1-4 for 48 hours, partaking in catered meals and occasionally crashing in the “quiet” room on comfortable camping mattresses provided by the Boy Scouts of America. The participants created twenty-one games that were judged in multiple categories.

The Winners

Best Gameplay: Etonar, for their game “Tread Lightly”

Best Use of Theme: Manapoole, for their game “Securing the Future”

Best Use of Art: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Best Use of Sound & Music: P4 Gaming, for their Game “CyberMills”

Best Use of Story: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Best Overall: Automated Exploitation, for their game “Cryocrypt”

Crowd Favorite: Potato Gaming, for their game “Security Breach”

All winners received, as a team trophy, a golden, 3d-printed model of Andersen Hall’s spire. In addition, each team member received a “poofball” trophy. The members of the Best Overall and Crowd favorite were additionally awarded Unity Pro Team licenses – a $2,000 software license donated by the Game Jam’s underwriters, Unity3D.

First Annual Game Jam is Underway!

Time To Judging & Showcase (Open to the public!):

The countdown has already ended!

Ludum Dare Toolbelt

As we discussed during this week’s weekly meeting, we will be using the following tools during Ludum Dare:

Everybody participating in the game jam over the weekend should download these tools ahead of time and try to get familiar with them.