Amateur Game Jam

Time left to submit your game to
Theme: TBD
Download royalty-free sprites to use in your game Game Art 2D or or on Open Game Art.
If you’re looking for tools then you can find those on the Ludum Dare site or on the site.
And if Sounds are what you want then check out the page or BXFR or Famitracker!
Also don’t forget to stop by the game jam page and join the jam!

     Our Amateur Game Jam will be hosted on Friday, 9/15 at 6:00 p.m. in DUE 1117 (Engineering Complex, Kansas State University Campus) and will continue for 24 hours from there. We’ll be providing food during the duration of the event. Here’s a more specific run down of the event:
     Team Size: 1-2. This is an individual or duo event. Unlike a competition, however, you are free to socialize and share as much as you like during the competition.
     Participants: You will be making a game, there’s no restriction from what you can use, but Scratch and Unity are two good places to start if you’re unsure.
     Room:You are free to come and go as you please during the 24 hour period. Remember that to use the lab computers you’ll need a CS account to log in and you’re university account will not work. If anyone needs a CS they’ll have to register for one here and give it enough time to process (usually 24 hours).